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Fallout 4 The X-Files

Fallout 4: The X-Files is an overhaul mod, currently in development by Vault40X, on Fallout 4 using Bethesda’s Creation Kit.

Vault 42

Vault40X brings The X-Files to Fallout 4. Version 1.8 is the latest in a series of developments for this mod. Below are samples that will be included in the next major update.



Men In Black prevent you from believing. Currently, we do not know who they work for or where they are from within the US.

They will engage you as assassin types. They do have their own faction, but also replace some Raiders and some Gunners. When your settlements get attacked, you may see Men In Black mixed in.

Some Men In Black possess files.

Future plans
* Currently any files found on the Men in Black are just aesthetics, but there are plans to make the files more functional.

Alex Krycek NPC is planned as a villain. There will be a calculated chance that Krycek will be equipped with a modded sniper rifle. Specifications will be provided when complete. As a Villain, there is plans for him to be suffering from the black oil, and you will see it in his eyes. His Villain character will use MIB companions. In the broader future, Krycek will start off as a companion quest to the player (who is Mulder, Scully, or fellow FBI), then Krycek will later turn into a villain who breaks away from your follower company. Included in these later plans, Kryek will be a playable character where you go against Mulder and Scully and side with the MIBs.

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